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At Marlet we process pork, beef and poultry products for both the Food Service sector and retailers. The added value lines that we offer are portioned, marinated and cooked products, packed in a high vacuum and thermoformed.







About us

The plant was designed and built to comply with the provisions of the SAGARPA standards for the Tipo Inspección Federal (TIF) certification. This complies with the linear flows, distribution of areas according to the rules of construction, equipment and processing of meat products. In the plant we have the capacity to process raw and cooked products for the national and export market.

Our processes are governed by the current international standards of the HACCP system.


  • Admixture formulation
  • Raw material storage (refrigeration and freezing)
  • Raw production: slicing, portioning, cubing, grinding, formulation, marinating and packaging.
  • Cooked production: formulation, cooking and packaging.
  • Burst freeze.
  • Conservation of freezing and distribution.


The company proudly Yucatecan, is listed for export to the US since November 8, 2018; 3 in addition to having safety and food safety certifications.



Since 2014, the plant has the TIF (Tipo Inspección Federal) certification guarantee of quality, innocuousness and food safety, recognized at national and international level. The TIF (Tipo Inspección Federal) is a key to be an eligible establishment for export, so it opens up to international markets.


Made in Yucatan

For us it is a pride to be part of the products made in the State, promoted with the guarantee of the Yucatecan original flavor stamp. The distinctive “Made in Yucatan” projects the quality of the products of the region both nationally and internationally, expanding the sales and distribution channels, which favors the competitiveness of Yucatecan products and their consumption.



The plant, eligible to export, complies with the characteristics and levels of international demand, ensuring food safety, ensuring that products can be consumed safely and reliably for consumer health.

Our costumers

We serve customers of the HORECA channel, Food Service sector, as well as the sale to the final consumer through our point of sale or self-service.

Among our main clients are: Palace Resorts, Grupo Porcícola Mexicano (Kekén), Super Akí, Los Trompos, Pizzerías Don Queso, Don Spaguetto, Antica Roma, McCarthy´s Irish Pub, as well as industrial dining rooms.

MARLET® is a Corporate company of GAMAS®.